"SITAR" by saeed pakfetrat

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  • May 16, 2009


    This Track Called Sitar

    Dear Saeed Pakfettrat, I would like to make a song out of this track for the track is a killer music section that I would be able to write the lyrics to and sing to it very easy. When its done I will send you a copy of the complete finished track. Please send me your direct e-mail address and I will show you what I have done with the track. I do not and will not change a note just spit to the music and you will like it trust me. The best Shelby Hansen USA and by the way many of us in this country love the people of Iran and I'm one of them. Keep the deep beats into all your tracks and if you have more music lets chat about what i can do for you Saeed. Your new friend in music. Shelby Hansen krumpacademy@yahoo.com

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